About Sexual Assault

  • Sexual assault is when someone touches you in a sexual way, on purpose, without your consent.
  • It can include any type of sexual contact that you didn’t agree to.
  • It is considered a crime in Canada.
  • Sexual assault can happen to anyone and is NEVER the victim’s fault.
  • The person who assaulted you may have been a stranger or someone you know.
  • You may have fought back or felt unable to move.
  • There are many feelings that you can have afterwards. They are NORMAL and our team can help you.

All services are free & confidential. We believe survivors.

How Can the ESAS Team Help me?

  • 24-hour call outs for immediate support after an assault.
  • Can accompany you to the hospital, doctor, RCMP etc.
  • Can provide ongoing emotional support & crisis counseling
  • Can help you explore reporting options
  • Can connect you to other support resources

Sexual Consent IS

  • Freely Given
  • Informed
  • Enthusiastic
  • Sober
  • Specific

Consent is NOT

  • Pressure
  • Confusion
  • Intoxication
  • Fear
  • Power/Control

Self Care Checklist

  • Find a space where you feel safe
  • Sleep and rest if you can
  • Try to eat and stay hydrated
  • Avoid excessive substance use
  • Walk or exercise if comfortable
  • Consider getting a medical exam*
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Remember, it’s not your fault
  • Give yourself time
  • Consider telling someone that you trust or reach out to ESART

Welcome to Northern Society for Domestic Peace's Emergency Sexual Assault Services webpage. Here you can find information on the services that the ESAS team offers, how we are collaborating with other regional responders and education on topics related to sexual violence.


If you have any questions, require more information about our program or you are a service provider looking to book a meeting with our team, please contact us at our office line 250-847-9000.

If you are experiencing immediate crisis due to a sexual assault or sexual harassment, please reach out to us on our 24-hour crisis line 250-876-8686


We are also running an anonymous survey on experiences with sexual violence in Northern BC. This surevy will help us gather information to use in collaboration with other responding systems, such as the hospitals, the RCMP, mental health and Indigenous communities in order to ensure that responses for victims/survivors of sexual assault are as safe and comfortable as possible. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence in Northern BC please consider filling out this survey. 



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