How Can the Sexual Assault Services Team Help Me?

  • We provide crisis support after an assault
  • Can accompany you to the hospital, doctor, RCMP etc.
  • Can help you explore reporting options
  • Can connect you to other support resources

Our job is to make sure you are safe and comfortable and to support you in your choices as you move forward after an assault.

We Work With Other Community Services Too

In addition to working one-on-one with survivors, SAS collaborates with community services and systems to improve responses for victims of sexual assault. This includes ongoing conversations with health care, police services, courts etc. to ensure victims have the most trauma-informed experience possible after an assault. We also welcome all feedback and insights from survivors on their experiences with these assault support systems.

Arika Owen

Airika has worked with NSDP for over 7 years in administration and housing. She is the coordinator of the CAMP project, which collaborates with industry to explore sexual violence safety changes in remote work camps. Airika partners with NSDP counselling staff to research, develop and deliver sexual harassment and assault education to our local high school students and for camp workers across Western Canada. She is honoured to now be working on the SAS team to provide support services to people who have expereienced sexual assault and to explore system changes and make responses safer and more comfortable for victims/survivors. 

SAS in the Media

NSDP Launches More Support for Sexual Assault Survivors - My Bulkley Lakes Now - Lindsay Newman

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