What Does CAMP Do?

The Northern Society for Domestic Peace works in partnership with industry and companies to combat sexual harassment and assault in remote-based camps. The CAMP team collaborates with companies to tailor workshops and presentations directly to the environment we are delivering to. CAMP has researched, developed and delivered assault and harassment presentations for schools, reforestation camps, wildfire camps and outdoor recreation companies. The team has travelled to remote camps to deliver services in person and re-worked the project to be deliverable virtually. Additionally, the CAMP team runs consultation with industry representatives, government, WorkSafe and labour lawyers to explore system changes that can reduce rates of sexual violence in workcamps and to produce resources for both companies and workers. Camp can also help companies produce or re-work their sexual harassment and assault policies and procedures. NSDP's presentations include information on consent, bystander intervention, reporting and disclosure options, being a good support person, company policies and procedures etc. NSDP continues to be an on-call support service for planting companies trying to manage an incident in camp or in need of resources for crews.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We have enjoyed working with the CAMP program because they tailored the training to match our industry. The team was aware of the vulnerable position our staff can be in given our unique worksite. We appreciated their expertise on the subject, their relatability to our employees and their dedication to creating a quality product." - Jillian Moorley, Wildfire Training Specialist - Alberta Wildfire


“I just attended your presentation and I wanted to tell you that it was very well done and I really appreciate your efforts. You brought up a lot of excellent points, but also provided practical, useful ways to intervene and support vulnerable people. I've been in the forestry industry for over 20 years and I wish the companies I worked for previously would've had a presentation like this.” – workshop attendee


“You kept my attention after a long day of planting work. It was engaging and informative.” – workshop attendee   


"Within our industry NSDP have been leaders. They have put the time and energy into research, creating awareness and recognition of harassment and abuse, and have generated a communityspecific response that has been both nuanced and well received. If you are an individual or organization that is considering working with or providing funding for NSDP, you won’t regret it." - Jordan Todd, Owner/Project Coordinator - Folklore Contracting   


“Way more than expected! Best presentation of its kind!” – workshop attendee


“NSDP has benefitted our sector by developing customized educational and training resources, and by providing access to their staff of trained professionals. The staff at NSDP…have helped numerous companies achieve meaningful change.” - BC Forestry Safety Advocate, Jordan Tesluk


“NSDP have provided our camps with professional services and effective guidance on harassment in the workplace. Our workforce of over 150 employees have really appreciated our collaborative efforts with (them). NSDP has successfully tailored educational resources for our industry that really resonate with the workforce.” – Ryan Zapisocki, Windfirm Resources


“Opportunities to utilize NSDP beyond training, for also post-incident support and harassment/assault policy development is a valuable service for our communities.” – Jason Krueger, General Manager, Summit Reforestation

Meet the Camp Team

Airika Owen

Airika Owen has been with NSDP for over 6 years. She is the Executive Administrator overseeing the organization's finances and grant funding and works alongside the Executive Director on housing development. Airika is also a coordinator of NSDP's Emergency Sexual Assault Response Team, which provides 24 hour crisis, call-out support for sexual assault victims/survivors. For CAMP, Airika works to develop presentation and support resources and collaborates with industry to promote system changes to improve safety for vulnerable workers. Airika also provides sexual harassment and assault education to Indigenous and rural high school students in preperation for their moves to post-secondary campuses. 

Tina Daye

Tina Daye has been a children and youth counsellor with NSDP since 2005. She offers guidance and supports through the Children and Youth PEACE program to NSDP's young clients who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence. Additionally she works as an outreach worker with women who are leaving abusive relationships or who are at risk of gender-based violence. She co-created NSDP's CAMPUS and CAMP presentations with Airika Owen and delivers presentations and provides ongoing support to camps. Tina has worked to develop and deliver many in-school educational programs and currently delivers the CAMPUS presentations to high school students in our northern region.

Britt White

Britt White is the Administrative Assistant for the Northern Society for Domestic Peace. She has worked in the industries with remote camp workplaces for many years as a tree planter, foreman, and cook. Britt has used her many years as a woman in reforestation to collaborate with NSDP staff to ensure the CAMP presentations speak to camp workers and are as reflective of that unique experience as possible. Britt delivers the CAMP presentations along with Tina and Airika and works to collaborate on resource development and system changes with industry. 

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