For Companies:


Download our CHECKLIST for a Comprehensive Response


Dowload our CAMP brochure




Download a brochure on THIRD PARTY REPORTING


Download NSDP's SURVEY SUMMARY notes from 2020 (survey remains open and results shift over time)


Sharp Workplaces and EVA BC resources for companies

For Survivors/Supporters:


Download EVA BC's I Have Been Sexually Assaulted brochure


Download Sexual Assault Service's Booklet for Survivors of Sexual Assault


Download NSDP's General brochure


Download NSDP's Domestic Peace Program brochure ( individualized counselling for men) 


Download NSDP's Emergency Sexual Assault Services brochure


EVA BC and Sharp Workplaces resources for workers

When companies host presentations with NSDP we send out a package of brochures, cards, stickers etc. to ensure each camp has some informative resources and crisis contacts on hand. Please contact us if your camp needs a resource package.

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