Regional Team Presenters

The Northern Society for Domestic Peace (NSDP) is looking for successful candidates to join our Camp Assault Mitigation Project (CAMP) team. As a team member, you will assist in facilitating educational presentations to remote work camps on sexual harassment and assault.  Candidates will work within their region throughout British Columbia and may be required to travel to present in work camps as well as present virtually. Presentations take place between March-June and are conducted through the day, evenings, and weekends. Some presentations and training may take place throughout the fall and winter.

NSDP is a non-profit organization based in Smithers, BC dedicated to developing, delivering, and supporting programs that provide opportunities for individuals and families to strengthen their relationships and the quality of their lives by fostering respect, challenging violence, and promoting health and self-determination. For over 30 years, NSDP has been providing services to the communities of Northern BC.  The society currently hosts a variety of counselling programs for men, women, and children; runs transitional and second-stage housing for women; operates a pregnancy outreach program; and develops outreach and awareness-raising projects.

Since 2018, CAMP has been working in partnership with northern BC reforestation companies to address sexual harassment and assault in remote work camps.  The CAMP team travels to bush camps, presents virtually, and attends meetings and conferences to open up the dialogue and facilitate discussion on sexual violence in camps. The goal of this program is to educate management and workers and create a safer remote work environment.  CAMP has answered the call for increased support and education through the development of resources targeted to camps and workers both in reforestation and wildfire.  CAMP and NSDP provide ongoing support throughout the working season and through the off-season to companies and employees who are in need of resources, trying to manage incidents, or who may be needing crisis support.

As an ideal candidate you will have the following qualifications:

  • Reliable transportation and the ability to travel within your region
  • Experience with public speaking or presenting to crowds
  • Experience in a male-dominated work industry or work camp setting
  • Understanding of trauma-informed and victim centred approaches
  • Experience working in the anti-violence sector ideally with experience related to education around sexual assault, sexual harassment, counselling, etc.
  • Understanding and appreciation for the significance of gender-based and sexual violence and a commitment to creating safer spaces for victims/survivors of abuse in all forms
  • Ability to work well within a team
  • Flexible schedule in spring (work may entail evenings or weekends)
  • Be available to travel for a 2-day, in-person training session (travel expenses covered)
  • Ability to represent NSDP in a courteous, professional and approachable manner

This is a seasonal, casual placement. Presenters can expect a varying number of educational engagements over the season, the number of which will depend on factors such as demand and season start dates.

Once all teams are identified, NSDP will host a mandatory multi-day training event in a central location. All materials used by teams for presentations are developed and provided by NSDP. Compensation will be paid per presentation and travel time/mileage will be covered. Regional teams will likely consist of two to three presenters.

Questions or comments can be directed to Britt or Airika at info@nsdp.ca or 250-847-9000

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