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If you are a company or workplace that wants to provide education and supports for your workers around sexual violence, NSDP's CAMP team can partner with you to make that happen. The CAMP team researches, develops and delivers tailor-made assault and harassment presentations to workers in all kinds of environments. CAMP is especially focussed on ensuring connections and supports are available to geographically isolated workplaces where crews are stationed together for extended periods of time and spend the majority of their days and nights together. The CAMP team values the voices and knowledge of the people on the ground in these environments and prefers to collaborate with the industry, company and workers to develop tools and deliever services that speak to the experiences of those in the workplace. 


CAMP provides the following services:

- In-person or virtual workplace sexual harassment and assault presentations and facillitated discussion for both workers and management

- Ongoing support for companies addressing issues or incidents in the workplace

- Ongoing crisis counselling and support for workers who have expereinced harassment or assault in the workplace

- Collaboration with Industry and Government on system changes and safety impropvements 

- Support for companies developing or re-working their sexual harassment and assault policies and procedures

- Presentations at conferences, trade shows, workplace gatherings

- Resource and education tools development


Because the Northern Society for Domestic Peace is a non-profit organization, every effort is made to keep costs as affordable as possible and our services accessible for all companies, big and small.

We apply government funding, foundation grants, and private donations to the CAMP program in order to develop resources and offer services either free-of-charge or at a significantly dicounted rate.

NSDP grant writing staff are constantly seeking funding to cover the costs associated with making our projects and services as widely available as possible. However, we do often charge a fee or suggested donation to cover the costs associated with developing and providing CAMP educational programs.

All of NSDP's counselling and outreach services are free of charge including our Emergency Sexual Assault Services, our Victim Services, our Transition House, and our counselling for men, women, children and families. 

If you are a company looking to book Workplace Sexual Harassment and Assault presentations, if you are in need of support with writing or re-writing your policies and procedures, or if you are seeking support for a worker who has experienced workplace assault or harassment, please contact NSDP's CAMP team at 250-847-9000 or

NSDP's Emergency Sexual Assault Response Team's 24-hour crisis line is: 250-876-8686

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