Meet Our Team

NSDP operations are overseen by our Executive Director and supported by an administrative team, and program managers/staff. NSDP employs 35 individuals and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of philantropial members of the community. 

Our staff is our greatest strength. Professional clinical counsellors to support staff offer a continuum of experience, specialized training and education. Professional development is an inherent value at our agency and we take pride in offering current, strength-based best practices in the programs we provide.

In addition, all staff and volunteers undergo a criminal record check and are required to adhere to NSDP Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies. Clinical staff who are registered with a professional association are accountable to NSDP and their professional association. 

Our team include:

Passage Transition House:
Bronwyn, Alison, Amy, Abby, Veronica, Angie, Danette, Jill, Joanne, Fiona, Kathryn, Naomi, Sue

Stopping the Violence Counselling:
Lois in Smithers, Belinda in Houston. 

Stopping the Violence Outreach Services:
Marilyn and Shannon

Third Stage Housing:

Men's Services:
Susanne and Beth

Children Who Witness Abuse:
Tina and Jill in Smithers, Tina in Houston

Sexual Abuse Intervention Program:
Ruth and Ezra in Smithers

Youth Forensic Services:

Strengthening Families:

Specialized Victim Assistance:

RCMP Based Victim Services:
Volunteers - Annie and Dina

Hazelton Community Based Victim Services:

Pregnancy Outreach Program:
Lyne, Amy, Anne, Jill
Nutritionist: Nathalie
Registered Nurse: Morgan

Caring Companions Project:
Airika, Joe, Ludi, Mandy, Rheta

Community Response Network:
Airika & Emma  in Smithers, Belinda in Houston

Executive Director: Carol Seychuk 
Executive Administrator: Airika Owen
Administrative Assistant: Emma Anderson