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A counselor with Stopping the Violence Outreach can meet you at your home, in a coffee shop, in the hospital, or some other safe place. Learning to live independently can have difficult challenges, such as finding safe housing, working on your education, finding a job, and establishing healthy relationships. STV Outreach support respects your right to your own values, beliefs, culture and choices.

At NSDP, we offer a range of services and programs for individuals and families. If you are in a period of crisis, find out how you can get help today:

  • I am a woman who has experienced violence/abuse, where can I get help?
  • I am a child or youth who has been exposed to violence/abuse, where can I get help?
  • I behave violently or abusively towards my partner, family, or children, where can I get help?

Help for Women Who Have Experienced Violence/Abuse
Women needing shelter from abuse can call Passage House, open 24 hours, 7 days a week (250-847-2595). Staff will provide crisis intervention, safety planning and information on the shelter services available to you and your children. Two dog kennels are availalbe for pets (please note as kennels are limited it is recommend phoning prior to arrival, staff will strategize temporary alternatives until kennel space is available)

For counselling services, you need only phone and make an appointment or drop-in at our office Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Referrals are accepted but not necessary.

For Specialized Vicitms Assistance contact our office Monday through Thursday (250-847-9000). For immediate assistance contact the RCMP (250-847-9374). Victim Assistance staff or volunteers may be available to support you at the hospital, at a physician''s office or at the RCMP detachment.

For services that may assist you throughout the province you can contact VICTIMLINK at 1-800-563-0808 and they will direct you to services available in your area.

Help for children and youth who have been exposed to violence/abuse

Support and counseling available for children and youth ages 3 years to 18 years old. Crisis intervention, safety planning and a safe place to talk and explore your feelings.

Contact the Children Who Witness Abuse Program Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30 at 250-847-9000.

Help for individuals who behave violently or abusively towards their partner, family, or children
Help and support is available! Through the Stopping the Violence counseling program women can explore their issues of violent and abusive behaviour. Counselling will explore alternate coping strategies, what triggers anger and invite responsibility in defining healthy relationships.

Individual counselling and support is available through the Domestic Peace Program for men who are concerned that their behaviors are hurting those they love and want to make changes to improve their relationships. Counselling is also available to support men through a variety of issues, including separation and divorce as well as exploring historical issues of violence and abuse. Support groups and couple therapy may also be available through the Domestic Peace Program.

Counselling for youth is available through the Children Who Witness Abuse Program, Sexual Abuse Intervention Program and through mandatory probation referral in the Youth Services program. Anger is a natural and healthy response to certain circumstances in life. When it is directed at others or at self in a destructive manor such as violent and abusive behaviour you may need to talk to someone and find out what you can do differently to develop healthy relationships, to feel like you have choices and control.

Contact 250-847-9000, 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday for more information on any one of these services.