BC Institute Against Family Violence

A non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of family violence. This web site is a comprehensive resource with information on the definition, aspects, prevalence and effects of family violence in the lives of men, women, youth and children.

BC Society of Transition Houses

The most-up-to-date resource on transition houses in British Columbia.

Shelternet - Making Links for Abused Women

Information on understanding abuse, making a safety plan, and finding a shelter in your area. It also Includes stories by women who share their experiences of pain, courage and change.

Discussions and Presentations from the 2004 Ending Relationship Abuse Society Conference:

Please take a look at all the Resources listed under Specialized Victim Assistance.


Change Requires Change
If you always believe
What you have always believed
You will always feel the way you have always felt.
If you always feel
The way you have always felt
You will always think the way you have always thought.
If you always think
The way you have always thought
You will always do what you have always done.
If you always do
What you have always done
You will always get what you have always gotten.
If there is no change
There is no change.