Stop Violence


Domestic abuse is any form of abuse that occurs between and among persons related by affection, kinship, or trust. It can happen to children, youth, adults or elders of all ages and walks of life.

Signs of Abuse

51 % of women in British Columbia report having experienced some form of intimate relationship violence in their lives. There are several different forms of abuse, including: Physical Abuse Sexual Violence Emotional and Psychological Abuse Child on »

Get Help

A counselor with Stopping the Violence Outreach can meet you at your home, in a coffee shop, in the hospital, or some other safe place.

Report Abuse

If you know of a child under the age of 19 years who is being abused or neglected, or is likely being abused or neglected, you have an obligation to report to the proper authorities. Contact: RCMP, Smithers, BC: (250) 847-3233 Ministry of Children on »


For stats on domestic or family violence in Canada, check out these web sites:


For confidential emergency support, contact these hotlines:


BC Institute Against Family Violence A non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of family violence. This web site is a comprehensive resource with information on the definition, aspects, prevalence and effects of family violence in the on »

Domestic Violence Court

For information about the effectiveness of traditional handling of domestic violence in the criminal justice system, and alternatives to conventional criminal courts, download these documents.