For Women

Confidential, trauma-informed counselling and/or emotional support and information is available for women who are in or leaving an abusive relationship. NSDP also provides a safe and supportive environment for assisting women in dealing with issues on »

For Men

Northern Society for Domestic Peace provides one-to-one counselling and support to men who are concerned that their behaviours are hurting those they love and want to make changes to improve their relationships.

For Children and Youth

Confidential support, and individual and group counselling services are available for children and youth under 19 years of age who have experienced, or been exposed to, violence or sexual abuse.

Support for Families

The Strengthening Families Program is a powerful program for positive family interactions and skills development that involves the whole family.

Victim Assistance

Provides support for victims of all ages of violent crimes: sexual assault, domestic abuse, and criminal harassment. The program participants may or may not have reported their victimization to the RCMP, and may or may not be involved in the on »

Pregnancy Outreach

In a confidential and informal setting, Pregnancy Outreach provides education and support to women and families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum up to one year.

For Seniors

NSDP provides counselling and support to seniors through various programs. In 2001, our staff went international in sharing our rural perspective in the development of response networks to senior abuse, and presented at a conference in Cyprus Greece

Training & Education

We provide training, education and resources for organizations, schools and healthcare professionals across Northwestern British Columbia.

Community Outreach

Public awareness and positive social change is an important role of our agency. Over the years, NSDP has organized, facilitated and hosted numerous community initiatives, workshops and events to assess local needs and generate awareness of important on »