For Women

Passage Transition House - 24 hour Emergency Shelter

Passage Transition House has been providing a safe and supportive environment since 1989. Passage House is for women and women and their children experiencing domestic violence, abuse and/or crisis in their lives. Services include counselling, child on »

Stopping The Violence Program

STV is for women who are experiencing or have experienced violence in their lives. Our counsellors focus on supporting and empowering women to develop safe and healthy intimate relationships, taking personal responsibility for their behaviour and on »

Stopping the Violence Outreach Program

STV Outreach offers emotional and practical support to women who are in or leaving abusive relationships. This work is often done out in the community and includes advocacy, referrals, cultural support, healthy activities etc.

Third Stage Housing - Sherielle Manor

Our Third Stage Housing provides housing and support to "low risk" women and women and their children wanting to establish themselves in the community.

Safe Supports

Family Law Supports for survivors of intimate partner violence before, during, and after a family law case.