Safe Supports

Safe Supports is a program that assists women by providing support prior to, during, and after the steps involved in addressing the legal and non-legal needs associated with the Family Law Act issues in Provincial Court. 

The program can assist in the following ways:

- Where possible, providing information, support, and accompaniment to women choosing out of court processes

- Supporting the safety and well-being of survivors of intimate partner violence before, during, and after a family law case

- Providingfamily law related information including unerstanding the court processes, the Family Law Act in Provincial Court, anf roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders

- Connecting women to legal information and assistance including legal aid, duty counsel, private lawyers, family justice counsellors, and other legal services

- Support for women in understanding how to seek language assistance and testimonial accommodations

**The Safe Supports Program does not directly provide counselling, legal advice, legal coaching on legal proceedings, draft agreements relating to legal proceedings, including affidavits and/or service of documents**

For more information please call 250-847-9000 or email