Stopping The Violence Program

STV is for women who are experiencing or have experienced violence in their lives. Our counsellors focus on supporting and empowering women to develop safe and healthy intimate relationships, taking personal responsibility for their behaviour and building effective coping strategies and problem solving skills. Counselling services are available by appointment. Crisis intervention is possible and is arranged as soon as there is a counsellor available. Counsellors will support women in:

  • safety planning
  • indentifying and developing healthy intimate relationships
  • exploring personal responsiblities
  • addressing past trauma and relationship patterns that get in the way of safety and self determination
  • providing referral options

Our counsellors also provide an opportunity to develop culturally appropriate goals, positive coping stratagies, and problem solving skills. 

Print this Safety Planning Document and use it as a tool to begin to make your own plan. Read through all the items on here and identify which ones are good ideas for you personally, then brainstorm some of your own ideas. A safety plan is a very personal document that is developed for your unique situation. It is a pro-active way to plan for you and your children to stay safe.

For more information on this program, please call Lois in Smithers at 250-847-9000 or Belinda in Houston at 250-845-3212.