Looking For Men For Mz.Judged 2018

Every other year NSDP puts on the Mz.Judged competition. This event is held to raise funds to support the men's Domestic Peace Program. The Men's Peace Program is a program that offers; parenting support, coping tools for men experiencing separation or divorce, counselling to aid in healing past abuse as well as counselling to help end domestic violence and abuse in the home. The Mz.Judged competition is hosted by Northern Society for Domestic Peace, but the volunteers really make the event possible. Their participation raises awareness and funds to stop violence and advocate for healing and wholeness within men and their families. This year each candidate will be assigned an NSDP staff to help coach and support their journey as a pageant contestant. NSDP understands this event is a big commitment and a lot of support is needed. Please help our organization by spreading the word about this event and if you are interested in signing up as a candidate please email us admin@domesticpeace.ca or stop by our office at 3772 1st ave.