Specialized Victim Assistance

SVAP offers supportive services to victims of domestic assault, sexual assault and criminal harassment. Clients may be any age, female or male. SVAP offers emotional support, safety planning, assistance with the Crime Victim Assistance program and Victim Impact Statements. The program provides criminal justice system information, liaison, court preparation and court accompaniment.

According to the Victims of Crime Act, victims of crime have the right to:

  • be given information about the victim services available in their area
  • be given information about the criminal justice system
  • be given information about the status of the police investigation, the prosecution, the court case and the offender’s sentence
  • apply for compensation for injury and loss
  • provide the court, before sentencing, with information about how the crime affected you and your life
  • request copies of court orders that are important to your safety (such as no-contact orders)

Specialized Victim Assistance

Have you been sexually assaulted or abused? Are you the victim of violence in relationships? Are you being criminally harassed or stalked? If you answer yes to any of these questions, free confidential support and information are available to you.

The Specialized Victim Assistance program, coordinated through the Northern Society for Domestic Peace in Smithers, offers services to people living in the Bulkley Valley or Houston. Whether you choose to report to the RCMP or not, assistance and support are available for women, men, youth and children. Our program offers:

  • emotional support
  • information about your rights and the criminal justice system
  • preparation for testifying in court and court accompaniment
  • safety planning
  • assistance with forms completion, such as Victim Impact Statements and Crime Victim Assistance Program applications
  • referrals to other community and provincial resources
  • Third Party Reporting (for adult victims of sexual assault who wish to remain confidential but have information on the incident given to RCMP)

For more information on this program, please call Wanda in Smithers at 250-847-9000.

For confidential emergency support, contact these hotlines:

  • Passage Transition House: 250-847-2595
  • VictimLink: 1-800-563-0808
  • Adult Crisis Line: 1-888-562-1214
  • AIDS / STD Information:1-800-661-4337
  • Alcohol & Drug Information and Referral:- 1-800-663-1441
  • BC Health Guide Nurse Line: 1-866-215-4700
  • Eating Disorder Resource Centre: 1-800-665-1822
  • Emergency Shelter Services: 250-847-9515
  • Help Line for Children: 310-1234
  • Kids Help Line: 1-800-668-6868
  • Teen Crisis Line:1-888-564-8336
  • Suicide Crisis Line: 1-800-784-2433
  • Northern Society for Domestic Peace: toll free in BC 1-877-633-9933
  • Emergency Sexual Assault Services (Houston to Hazelton and outlying communities): 250-876-8686
  • Kuu-us Indigenous Crisis Line: 1-800-588-8717

CANADIAN LAW - From the Criminal Code of Canada:

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