How You Can Help


  • Donations for the operation of Passage Transition House can include cash, groceries, household goods (sheets, towels, kitchen equipment, etc), yard and gardening supplies, etc.
  • Donations for the women and children who are starting their lives over again can include cash, clothing, toys, household supplies and equipment etc. 
  • Cash Donations for Northern Society for Domestic Peace to use in our programs where the need is greatest. 
  • Cash Donations for a specific Nothern Society for Domestic Peace program.
  • In memorium donations to honour someone you care about.


Remember Northern Society for Domestic Peace, or one of its programs, in your Will.


  • Be informed about domestic violence and its dynamics.
  • Learn about how violence impacts children, victims, offenders, families and communities, and how it is perpetuated through generations.
  • Be an advocate for the rights of victims to be safe.
  • Become a community activist.
  • Speak out about encouraging others to be accountable for their actions, and to seek support for change. 
  • Be informed about NSDP services and resources.
  • Make referrals or seek support for yourself.